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“Beckershoff’s book has broken fresh ground, reinstating Taiwan’s agency by investigating how the island’s political contestation has shaped cross-Strait relations. […] One of the prominent features of this book is its conceptual sophistication and theoretical orientation. While many studies in the same vein tend to focus solely on either power elites or grassroots campaigners, this book distinguishes itself with a balanced approach that integrates both types of actors within a common analytical framework.”

Review by Ho Ming-sho at The China Quarterly

“Beckershoff’s interpretive frame for the movement, and for the overall socio-political context that shaped this period is theoretically sophisticated and insightful.”

Review at No Man is an Island

“Based on dozens of interviews with participants, Beckershoff details how — in a mirror image of the business groups — the countervailing forces behind the Wild Strawberry Movement, primarily student groups and NGOs, refined their own organizational structures and practices following on from that failure.”

Review at Domino Theory